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Web Developer

Hi, my name is Phil and I'm a Web Developer from Sydney. I am one of the lucky ones, my passion is also my career.


Cafe News - Upsider Working with JSON feeds, I engineered a news and weather display for out-of-home digital panels. I built the entire front-end including animations, parsing JSON data, error fail-safes, and ensuring it is responsive and can play on displays of various resolutions. It was important to ensure that it was reliable as this was to be used in high profile environments. Q3 2017
Cafe News - Upsider
Cafe Instagram Grid An out-of-home digital panel project showing photos from various selected Instagram feeds. Working with JSON feeds, I engineered a randomised display of images with the appropriate checks to ensure images actually exists on the remote server before attempting to display them. There are also animations, and advertising pop-overs. Q4 2016
Cafe Instagram Grid
Campaign Control Panel A complex application for managing content to display on a wide-range of digital out-of-home display panels. It also features the unique the ability for users to create their own creative in the application. This can be done by uploading images, adding text, resizing, and dragging objects on screen. The custom creative can be then be saved and pushed to live digital panels in real time. 2016 - 2017
Campaign Control Panel
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